The Interesting Car Club Centre Bretagne

The creation of "The Interesting Car Club"

We like interesting cars.
Not just cars, but interesting motorcycles, trucks etc.

In short, everything that rolls and that is interesting.

How did the ICC start?

The “club” started with likeminded people getting together to share their passion..
One damp Sunday morning in February 2016, four classic car enthusiasts met for a coffee and a chat at the cafe near L’Abbaye de Bon Repos in central Brittany. Some of us were already members of other car clubs in Brittany, but decided that as there was nothing in the local area, we would start an informal group. So, The Interesting Car Club Facebook Group was born.
Just a couple of weeks after the ICC facebook page was first created on the 15th Feb 2016 we had our first meeting at Bon Repos. Present were Geoff (Lotus Elise) and Kate Husband (Kate on her bike), Alex Tann and family (Citroen Dyane), Sharon Goddard (Porsche 924s) and finally Alan and Angela Brown (Merlin). Alan couldn’t start his car after the meet, but luckily Alex was on hand to hot-wire it…
A cold but dry day and the start of something a lot bigger than anyone expected!

“Great oaks from little acorns grow”

At first it was a very informal thing. No one wanted a lot of red-tape but no one foresaw how it would grow. So here we are two years on with more than 100 members and growing. 
We started to meet on the last Sunday of every month, and by the summer of 2017 our group had over 200 members. The group was becoming well known in the area and we were being asked to attend rallies organised by other car clubs in the region and to supply classic cars for tourism events. We decided that the time was right to become a registered French Association. 

The association

On 12th October 2017 The Interesting Car Club was born.

A committee – committee meetings – lots of red-tape. We are an officially registered “Association” and now we have a website.

Our membership is growing fast and we look forward to welcoming anybody who, like us, has a passion for “interesting” vehicles.
The Interesting Car Club
Association de Loi 1901 – W222002150
The Interesting Car Club
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