Ford Fiesta XR2

A lot of people have asked why we bought a Ford Fiesta XR2 so this may go a little way in explaining the purchase in May 2022.

313097926 865011801304424 4400535184638723272 nI passed my driving test in 1982 (first time…..this is brought up quite often as it took Vanessa three attempts) and this was my first car. Whilst all my mates bought a car quite quickly after passing their test I saved for a couple of years and with a small bank loan I bought a brand new Rosso Red XR2 for somewhere in the region of £5,400 with the option of alloy wheels and a tilt and turn sunroof. Car insurance was quite expensive but who cared in those days, I think it was about £330 a year.

280885969 334964288768071 315010247464038964 nI kept this car for three years and then changed jobs and got another XR2 as a company car but this one was Mercury Grey and Vanessa was allowed to drive this with her heavy right foot.

Whilst I don’t regret selling the first car as that was sold to go towards buying our first house I have been looking for three years to find one here in France that was any good as they are quite rare and preferably in red. On April 22  we found something that looked quite good and went down to the south of France (Toulouse) with the trailer. The current owner assured us that the car was reliable and ok to drive all the way home but it only had 28,000km on the clock so did not want to put 1000km on the clock straightaway. The km are genuine, we have the CT history with the car along with the original purchase brochure from Ford and the receipt of purchase. The car has never been restored and is in original specification except for the radio cassette but we have managed to find a replacement. It has had two owners prior to us, a lady in Corsica who owned it for 31 years and a Ford collector for 4 years prior to our purchase.



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