New Car at the Club! Discovered on October 30, 2022
313347130 5976147715729561 7827563785918461852 nI went into my garage today, and found Madame Panhard very upset, and down in the mouth. I asked her what was the matter. She said that she felt ugly and unloved now that my new acquisition was taking up a new place in the garage. I tried to reassure her, but she said everyone hated her now. Geoff said he wanted to throw me in the canal. I told her that was because every one loved her, especially French people, and that Geoff was just jealous because you can run rings around his 2CV, and everyone admires your sexy colour scheme, and how much more power your new engine has. I reminded her that she had won a beauty contest at one of our early picnics at Etang du Dordu.
But what about your new car, will you be taking her to the monthly meet next Sunday. I had to admit that I was. I tried to explain to her, by comparing my garage to a Care Home for the elderly. I said that you are a mere 70 years old, and are still very active. I told her that my new car, was in fact extremely old, nearly 100 years old in fact, and that she was very doddery and a bit slow in all her actions, and although I don’t like to admit it in public, also a little incontinent now. She would not be happy going to any of the winter meets, and would be content to be warm and dry at home in the garage hibernating. I told her that she was my Princess, and was a Mascot for the ICC, and that her new partner in the garage was the Queen Mother. Although she has class and style, and everyone would love to go for a ride in her, she does not have your stamina. Nobody knows what make and model or even nationality she is yet, and everyone was curious to see her in the flesh. So weather permitting I would be taking the Queen Mother to the October meet in Gouarec. She would need a better hood and some windows at least to go out in the rain, and with that I left the garage only to hear madame Panhard utter under her breath, and some bloody incontinence knickers maybe too. A woman scorned !!!!!
So, on Sunday, be there for the big reveal. John’s new (old) car, weather permitting.

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The Interesting Car Club
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The Interesting Car Club
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