IMG 6406The Distillery was founded in 1900 by Léon Warenghem and at first produced good quality liqueurs. Around 35 years ago they embarked upon the idea of producing single malt whisky, which has won and continues to win awards as the best single malt whisky in France.
They use malted barley, water, heat and yeast to produce the Whisky. 1000kg of malted barely and 6000l of water are used for each batch.
The barley is coarse ground and water added from their local source purified through the granite passage.
Once fermented, the product is passed through two French made stills where the 6000l becomes 2500l of purified clear liquid. This is around 75% proof. They dilute it with water to bring the alcohol level down a little. From here it is transferred into a variety of oak barrels. Some are American Sherry, others are red wine, or new oak barrels. They are stored for at least 3 years after which time the proof is around 53%. The blending takes place to give the desired finished colour, taste, smell and texture.
Really great visit.
I cannot be too exact about the process because we did some tasting.
Lunch was had in the Briezh Shelter in Lannion organised by Steve and Wendy. We had a super day out.
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