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This is the last arrival at home!
A 4L CLAN from 1992, like new 105,000 km 😉
Michel Le Renard.

The 4L Clan (Source Wikipedia)
[...] The Renault 4: It was built from August 1961 to December 1992 in 28 countries. [...] In 1984 also appeared for the GTL, the "Clan" series characterized by upholstery with Scottish motifs...given the success of the series, Renault generalized the "Clan" finish to all GTLs from 1986 [...] In 1989, the Clan and Savane received a right exterior mirror and two reversing lights integrated into the rear hatch, which were only options before. Too old to be able to comply with the anti-pollution standards which were to arrive in 1993 (compulsory catalytic converter), the production of the R4 was stopped at the end of 1992 with a “Bye-Bye” series of R4 GTL Clan, models which did not present any particular specificity. apart from a small riveted plate numbered from 1 to 100023 on the dashboard. [...].
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