I've been asked to put pen to paper and write about the car that I built called MVO Roadster.

317271775 820424465915528 350858926704803092 nBut first I am going to tell you about my other car, a Honda Civic CRX, 1986, which has the 1.6 16 valve twin cam engine.
My Honda ownership goes back to 1978 when I purchased a first generation Honda Civic, two door hatchback with a 1200cc engine, a far cry from what they are today.

I purchased the CRX whilst I was still living and working in the UK. It came about because I purchased a motoring paper as reading material in my lunch breaks. The car was offered in the "bargain basement" section for 475 pounds. Mot failure and other issues. I arranged to view the car the following weekend but alas was withdrawn at the last minute. 3 months later I received a phone call from the owner to ask if I was still interested, yes I was. I made an offer of 400 pounds to buy the car unseen which was accepted. I then made arrangements to get the car back to Kent from the Eastbourne area. I ended up driving the car back after fixing a couple of issues and parked it in my unit where it sat for about 7 years.

Issues in my life and retiring to France delayed any work on the car. At this time I was trying to get my "other" car registered in France but to no avail after a year of trying. I then trailered the Roadster back to the UK and returned with the CRX.
I should say that I am only the 3rd owner of the car and that it is a very rare car indeed, more so here in France as this model was not sold here.

Registration was not a problem and since it has been here a few jobs have been carried out, namely some cylinder head work after the valves got bent after the cam belt jumped a tooth, completely rebuilt the rear suspension including bushes and shock absorbers. New wheels and tyres along with some bodywork. Although running and driving quite well there are still some jobs to do and the next big job is the removal of the sunroof, fixing a new panel and then sprayed. Some things are not standard and this is mainly due to the availability of parts for this car and my choice.

The joys of Classic Car Ownership and motoring.

Colin U.

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