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It's with great pleasure that we can announce that the ICC has found a new permanent home in Gouarec.

160402953 10159302363410903 2344955842717881521 oOur annual show has been in Gouarec since the beginning, and with the village and Mairie offering enthusiastic support we've decided that Gouarec is now the best option for our Club.

Although other alternatives each have their own attractions Gouarec has so much in such a small area that it was an easy decision to make. The Mairie has offered us co-operation with the ICC over our annual show, and the use of Municipal rooms for meetings. We are also able to use the 'Forail' for our monthly meetings (last Sunday morning of every month) which as well as a large tarmac space also offers shelter in case of inclement weather – being right next to the restored railway (which will run this summer) the new boatyard and the canal there is a new dynamic in the village and the ICC will be part of that and all adds to the 'vintage' feel of the village.

Of course as always the Campsite in the centre of Gouarec is available for the club and the municipality is keen for us to offer 'display cars' for other events and even some cars for show in the weekly market in the summer. The village centre just 100m away has bars and restaurants that will welcome and profit from club members.

For the moment our monthly meetings are on-hold, but as soon as we are able they will resume and hopefully 2021 will be a very active year for the club!



The Interesting Car Club
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The Interesting Car Club
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